How To Move Out Of Your Share House Nicely in Melbourne

Vacating share houses can either be a peaceful or stressful affair depending on your organization and planning. Despite having friends around and expecting things to be done rightfully as you wish, everyone has their way of life. Here are a few things to do to help you move out of your share house amicably:

Notify as early as possible

Wrapping & Packing

It is important to give a notice that you will be moving out. At least a month or three weeks before will be a good time. If an agreement was earlier placed, then it should have indicated by the tenant that a notice should be given prior to vacating.


Do the packing the right way

Your housemates need to get that feeling that you are serious about moving out. Pack all your stuff exclusively from your personal items to your work files and study items. Do this in time so that those left behind can reorganize the house. It is wise to pack using a list because it will be less stressful.

Carry everything

Housemates will always remember the times you had together but it is important to carry all your things. EVERYTHING! Your remnants will be like clutter to the housemates left behind. Give them space to enjoy the house without your presence and your items scattered everywhere.

A good time to declutter

This is the right time to get the unnecessary things and baggage out. Dispose of what you really don’t or will never use. It enhances cleanliness as you move into your new pad. It will be easier moving and arranging your property.

Clean up before leaving

It isn’t good manners to leave your room dirty and unsightly. After packing up, vacuum the room, dust the surfaces, wash curtains and hang them back. Leave the room neat just like you would love to find it or if it was your own house.

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