Do Removalists in Melbourne Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture?

Do Removalists Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture?

Imagine this: You're all set for your big move. You’ve packed your boxes, sorted out your utilities, and even said your goodbyes. But then, you stand in front of your massive L-shaped sofa or your intricately designed four-poster bed, and you realize, “How on earth am I going to move this?” The thought of disassembling and reassembling large furniture can be, let's face it, overwhelming.

If you're in Melbourne and pondering whether professional removalists can assist with the intricacies of furniture assembly and disassembly, the answer is a resounding yes. This service, offered by many reputable removalists like Brilliance Removalists Melbourne, ensures that moving is a breeze from start to finish.

Why You Should Opt for Disassembly and Reassembly Services

Skill and Efficiency

Furniture disassembly and reassembly require a certain level of expertise. A professional team can carry out the task much faster and more efficiently than someone without experience.

Safety First

Inexperienced handling can result in personal injury and damage to the furniture itself. A professional team is trained to handle these tasks safely.

Stress Reduction

Not having to worry about the cumbersome task of furniture assembly allows you to focus on other crucial aspects of moving, making the whole process less stressful.

Real-life Case: Meet Sarah

Sarah, a single mother in Melbourne, was moving to a new house. With her hands full with two young kids, she knew she couldn't manage furniture assembly on her own. Enter Brilliance Removalists Melbourne. Not only did they disassemble her large wardrobes and her children's bunk beds, but they also ensured that everything was reassembled in her new home, exactly as it was. She expressed that hiring professionals was the best decision she made during her move.

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Removalist in Melbourne?

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Removalist?

Moving homes is a multi-faceted process that involves a whirlwind of decisions, tasks, and timelines. It's like conducting a symphony where every instrument has its role to play. The violins of packing, the cellos of paperwork, and the trumpets of property handover—all must be perfectly tuned. But at the helm of it all is the conductor: your chosen removalist company. The question now arises—how far in advance should you engage this conductor for your move in Melbourne?

The Early Bird Gets the Worm, but How Early?

The general wisdom is—the earlier, the better. But let's add some nuance to that.

The Busy Season Factor

During certain periods, like summer and the end of the financial year, removalists are swamped with bookings. If your move coincides with these times, booking at least 8 weeks in advance is not just smart—it’s crucial.

A Tale of Two Moves

Consider James, who moved last December, right in the thick of the holiday season. He reached out to removalists 3 weeks before his moving date, only to find they were all booked. Desperate, he had to settle for a less-reputable, uninsured company and ended up regretting it when some of his valuables were damaged in transit.

Now, consider Sarah, who had also planned to move during the busy season. She had read James' unfortunate Yelp review and decided to book her removalist 10 weeks in advance. She was able to secure her first-choice removalist—Brilliance Removalists Melbourne—and her move was as smooth as silk.

Complexity and Size of the Move

If your move involves specialized items like pianos or fine art, or if you’re moving a 4-bedroom home rather than a studio apartment, more preparation time is needed. In such cases, a 6-week advance booking is advisable.

Spontaneous Moves

Life doesn’t always give us ample time to prepare. If you have to move suddenly for a job or family reasons, you might not have the luxury of advance planning. Reputable companies like Brilliance Removalists Melbourne sometimes have last-minute slots, but the options could be limited.

What is the Cost of Hiring Removalists in Melbourne?

What is the Cost of Hiring A Removal Company?

Moving is often considered one of life’s most stressful experiences, yet it marks the beginning of a new chapter, full of possibilities. At Brilliance Removalists Melbourne, we've made it our mission to transition you into this new chapter as smoothly as possible. Our tagline, “Your Peace of Mind, Our Priority,” is not just a catchy phrase; it’s a commitment we live by.

Factors That Influence Cost

When it comes to the cost of hiring a removalist in Melbourne, several factors come into play:

  1. Distance of the Move: The further you're moving, the more you can expect to pay.
  2. Volume of Items: More items mean more time, and potentially, more manpower.
  3. Services Required: Need packing and unpacking, or perhaps temporary storage? Each service comes with its price tag.
  4. Time of the Move: Peak seasons and weekends may incur additional charges.

Let’s dive into what you can expect cost-wise, featuring real stories from our satisfied clients!

Testimonials: Hear From Our Clients

Rajakumar Close: “Absolutely amazing service from Gui and team! They were amazing and friendly and great with our kids and made the process so easy.”

Rajakumar’s experience illustrates that with the right removalists, even a complex move can be a smooth ride, and sometimes the extra services like child-friendly staff can make all the difference.

Mel M: "Gledson and Fabio were awesome! They were so efficient and took great care and pride with all our belongings. They were so friendly and attentive. Will definitely use them again in the future when we move next time."

Mel’s testimonial showcases that efficient and careful work doesn’t need to come at a premium. It’s all a part of the service at Brilliance Removalists Melbourne.

Fraser Walker: "Couldn’t be happier with the service! Was on time, respectful, careful, and reasonably priced! Will definitely be using them again!"

Fraser’s review makes a significant point: a reasonable price doesn't mean a compromise on quality or timeliness.

How Do I Choose the Best Removalist in Melbourne?

How Do I Choose the Best Removalist?

Choosing the right removalist can be the difference between starting your new chapter on a high note or dealing with unnecessary stress and complications. So how does one make an informed decision, particularly in Melbourne where options abound? The answer lies in what we at Brilliance Removalists Melbourne refer to as the 5Cs: Credentials, Customer Reviews, Costs, Customization, and Communication.

The Importance of Credentials

Imagine you are entrusting all your worldly possessions to someone. Would you hand them over to just anyone? The answer is a resounding no. Always opt for removalists who are certified and accredited by organizations such as AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) and ISO.

Real-Life Example: Brilliance Removalists Melbourne

We take pride in being AFRA and ISO 9001 certified. It’s not just a stamp on our website but a testament to our relentless commitment to quality and safety. Our staff members are trained to treat every move as unique, paying keen attention to details.

Listen to the Crowd: Customer Reviews

One of the most authentic ways to gauge the quality of any service is by listening to what their customers have to say.

Testimonials From Our Clients:

Bohemia Hookham: "Great removalists - we had Gledson and Lucas help us out. They arrived on time, protected the furniture and were friendly and hard-working. Would recommend to friends and would definitely use the company again."

Bohemia's experience highlights the hard work and care we invest in every task.

Maurie T: "We used Brilliance five years ago, again two months ago and yet again yesterday and at all three events the crews that moved our furniture were professional, took extra care of all our items, they were friendly and the crew yesterday wore their masks at all times."

Maurie’s long-term relationship with us underscores our consistent quality service over the years.

Are Melbourne Removalists Insured for Damages?

Are Removalists Insured for Damages?

Moving to a new place can be both exhilarating and stressful. While the idea of a fresh start is exciting, the physical act of relocating all your belongings can be fraught with uncertainty. Among the most pressing concerns many people face is, "What happens if my possessions get damaged during the move?"

At Brilliance Removalists Melbourne, we understand that this question isn't merely a passing concern but a significant factor influencing your choice of removalist. That’s why we've decided to demystify the subject of insurance, focusing on Melbourne removalists in particular.

The Importance of Insurance: Why You Need to Be Covered

The simplest way to describe the importance of insurance is through the age-old adage, "It's better to be safe than sorry."

A Cautionary Tale

Take the case of Jane, a busy professional who recently moved to Melbourne from Sydney. She opted for a low-cost, uninsured removalist to save some money. However, her vintage chandelier didn't make it in one piece. Jane had to bear the full cost of repairing her cherished heirloom. Had she chosen an insured removalist, the story could have ended quite differently.

Types of Insurance: What To Look For

When vetting your options, it's essential to understand the types of insurance offered by Melbourne removalists. At the very minimum, your removalist should provide Public Liability and Goods in Transit insurance. Some even offer full-value protection plans.

10 Essential Steps For A Stress-Free House Move

10 Essential Steps For A Stress-Free House Move

Even if you have hired the best removalists to help you with your home move, it can still be a stressful experience. One reason for this is that moving home is not something we do every day, so, for most people, it is something that takes them out of their comfort zone given the many unknowns.

It might help you to know that 99.99% of all home moves go ahead and complete without any major hitches, so the statistics are certainly on your side. However, we are sure there are many doubts in your mind if you are moving home soon, so here are ten proven steps that can help remove much of the stress.

Create A Moving Schedule

Good planning is essential for a stress-free and successful house move, and a core element of that planning, as it is with many projects, is to create a schedule. Even months out from your move, you can set a timeline to ensure everyone, including yourself, knows what is happening and when.

Create A Checklist

Continuing with the good planning theme, the next step is to create a checklist. We suggest you sit down, preferably with those who live with you, and brainstorm everything you can think of that needs to be done as part of your move. Then, tidy up your checklist by organising each item into a category, and delegating it to whoever is to action it.

Establish Your Budget

We are still planning, and this time it is your budget. This will include moving expenses such as your removalists, packing materials, and storage if necessary. Also, think of ad hoc expenditures such as take-away meals on the day you are moving, and purchases for your new home such as new curtains, for example.

Time Factors To Consider When Deciding When To Move Home

Time Factors To Consider When Deciding When To Move Home

One point that should be more obvious than it is is that people move home almost every day of the year, which means removalists very rarely have time to put their feet up and relax for a day or two, let alone a whole week. Many factors will influence when someone moves home, and it will often be the case that matters beyond their control dictate the timing.

For example, the timing of a job relocation and the necessary home move may be down to the employer's choosing. The time it takes the bank to agree on a mortgage is another. Or it could be the landlord whose apartment you will rent wishes to refurbish, delaying the date for moving in. Add to these any one of hundreds of other matters that could influence when a home move takes place.

Of course, the timing of your home move may be entirely in your hands, so you can choose the date that suits you. However, that date should not be arrived at by throwing a dart at a wall calendar. Matters such as hiring removalists and their availability will be one to cover, and there are other timing factors that you should consider, such as those we have highlighted below.

Moving In The Summer

Most people, if asked when they believe the best time of year to move home is, will likely say during the summer months, and in most cases, that is true. There are many advantages to moving home in summer, the most obvious being that the days are longer and therefore you have daylight from early morning to late at night, making any home move easier.

Summer is also more likely to have suitable weather for a home move, and although it might mean having plenty of cold drinks on hand for your removalists, the fact that you are not competing with wind and rain makes a huge difference. One point to note is that summer is the peak season for removalists, so the fees tend to be higher than at other times.

Moving Forward: A Guide to Finding the Right Removalist

Moving Forward: Finding the Right Removalist

There are a lot of different moving companies around, but finding which one is right for you isn't as complicated as it seems. Picking the right one makes all the difference when it comes to a smooth move; the best removalist makes sure your possessions are packed, stored, and transported safely and securely, but how do you find the best one, here are some tips, on how they can help you pack and unpack, to the full costing, the size of the truck you'll need, down to the expertise and customer service they deliver.

Researching the Removalists in your Area

Once you know when you're moving, the next step is to start researching removalists in your area, first, start by reading some of the reviews on their website, look at and compare the prices, also ask your friends and family for recommendations this can be very helpful because you know they wouldn't lie to you. It's a great idea to contact several different removalists and get quotes from them on prices and what they have to offer because every one of them is different, some having additional services they offer, such as packing and storage, which will help you make a more informed decision about who to use.

Compare Prices and Services 

If you have narrowed down your list of potential removalists you may use, now you need to compare all the prices and services they offer, some of the more expensive companies have more experience and a better service record, while the cheaper ones may not have the same level of expertise. You can also ask about additional services like pre-packing boxes, storage, and insurance which could save you both time and money if it's all included in the final price. But the best removalist for you will come down to the one that offers the services you need at the prices you can afford without comprising your things.

The Art of Moving: Tips for Hiring a Professional Removalist

The Art of Moving: Tips for Hiring a Professional Removalist

Moving can be an incredibly stressful experience not only do you need to get all your belongings from A to B, but you also have the worry whether everything is going to be safe and secure while getting there, one of the best ways to guarantee a smooth and successful move is to hire a professional removalist who will have all that figured out for you right down to the insurance making your move a breeze.

Create a Moving Budget

Moving can be expensive, so it’s essential to create a budget before you begin and stick to it. Start by researching removalists and getting quotes from a few different ones then you can compare the rates and services offered, and decide on one that best suits your needs.

Then make a list of all the items you will be moving, estimate the cost of the packing materials and transportation add in the cost of any additional services, like cleaning your new space and the old space after the move, you may need to use storage, and you definitely need insurance, and extra travel expenses back and forth. With this well-planned budget, you will maximize your savings and make sure the transition to your new home goes smoothly.

Research and Compare Removal Companies

The first step in moving is to research and compare all the removal companies in your area. Make sure you choose the best service available, which means taking the time to get to know each company’s services and prices and finding the best one for you. Research reviews on each one to ensure they are reliable and trustworthy, and make sure you compare apples to apples when it comes to their quotes. By doing your research, you make sure you've got the best removal company you need.

Why Moving House is Stressful?

Moving house could be quite stressful especially when one is living in that particular house for a long time. This stress could be because of many reasons such as:

Losing a Job

A person who is moving to a different house might feel stressed because of losing a job, which means that he or she would not be able to bear the expenses of living in a luxurious house and thus, have to move somewhere else, which means a change in schools and so much more.


Sometimes a transfer would be the main cause for moving from the house and hence, there would be a stress of relocation. It is quite tough to relocate and thus, it is important for a person to take appropriate measures to avoid stress even when the situation is stressful.

Moving to a new area

Fear of the unknown is quite stressful for some people and moving to a new area means that there would be a new neighbourhood, a new ambience, and everything would be like starting from scratch.