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Moving can be really stressful, even if you have done it before.

But for those who have never moved, or for whom it has been a long time, having to pack up everything and do all those other essentials before moving day can seem like a nightmare. However, the following tips can cut down the stress and help you move your goods in an efficient and organised way.

  • Pack your essential in an overnight bag to keep with you so you don’t have to search all those boxes when you arrive at your new home. It’s likely to be late and you’ll be tired.
  • If you own a laptop or tablet, keep that with you as well for safety.

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There is no doubt about it, moving costs money.

That is why many people ask friends to help them move. They think it will help them to save on the cost of hiring professional removalists. However, this is not always a good idea; what you save can be lost in other ways. And you can run into many different problems.

      • For a start, friends are not getting paid to do this. That means they may not show up if they get a better offer, or if they have other more urgent family business to attend to. And they may not bother to let you know they are not coming. So you will be stranded with a lot of furniture and no one to load it, even if you hired a truck yourself.

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      People have to move for a myriad of reasons and often move out of and into a rental home rather than their own.

      One of the main costs of a move is the bond. You cannot move into a new rental without paying a bond – and if your present rental is not left in spick and span condition you won’t get back the bond you had to pay before moving in.

      When it comes to the bond, it’s a good idea to look ahead. This will to some extent ensure that you will get the bond back when you leave. How? Not all rental homes are in a pristine condition before you move in.

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      While there are literally hundreds of things to do before you move, packing takes up at least 50 of them.

      But before you can do any of the packing you will need to go through all your stuff and decide what you don’t want to pack. These are things that are now of no use to you for one reason or another.

      It could be simply clothes or toys the kids have grown out of or sporting equipment that you no longer have a use for. Or maybe you are moving to a hotter climate from a cold one and won’t need those warm jumpers or doonas any more.

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      While much information can be found on how to pack and move your stuff, not so much is written about moving your family.

      For little children, a move into a strange house can be scary, especially the first few nights. Children of any age are always affected by the moods of their parents, so if you are stressed out and irritable they will pick up on this and may become badly behaved as a result.

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