How to Perfectly pack your boxes while house moving

It is advisable to test all your boxes if they are durable enough before packing them up. Otherwise, there might be damages if the boxes are in bad condition. A strong box has to hold and support whatever is placed in it. It should be rigid, have no tears, rips, damage on the corners or punctures. Better safe than sorry. Here is how to pack your boxes properly when moving house:

Make reinforcements

Reinforce the corners and the bottom end of the boxes with tape. Make several lengths at the closing point. This is crucial especially for those boxes that have been used before or are broken on the bottom end. While on transit, the content in the box will not fall through the bottom end.

Heavy items first

Make sure you begin packing the heavier load at the bottom of the boxes and the lighter ones can be on top. This is to prevent exertion of uneven pressure that might lead to boxes tearing while carrying them.

Boxes should be properly sealable

It is important to ensure that all the packing boxes can be sealed properly. Items should not stick out of the top to prevent damages. In fact, the top can be sealed with a tape to ensure the content of the box remains inside the box.

Get alternatives for small items

It makes no sense packing small things like jewelry and screws in boxes. First you will start by organizing the bolts, screws and other silverware by wrapping them in paper or plastic bags each with their own preferably. Then you can put them in a tin. Clothes should be packed in suitcases and not in boxes. Doing this for small things is an assurance of safety and avoids mixing up and metallic items from corroding or getting scratches.

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