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Removalists MelbourneIf you are looking for removalists Melbourne you have come to the right place.

We have worked in this industry for ten years and have six 8 and 10 tonne trucks ready to take our clients’ furniture to their chosen destination.

We have full insurance and staff who know what they are doing when it comes to packing goods and furniture so that they will arrive safely at their new home.

What we offer

If you are looking for a cheap removalist give us a buzz. In case you are searching for interstate removalist Melbourne on the Internet be aware that not all movers have trucks that travel interstate; some prefer to do shorter runs. When you have to move to a faraway location you need people with the right trucks that you can trust to arrive on time and with all your goods intact.

Weekend removals

We understand that sometimes, people need removals at the weekend, especially when they have a long distance to travel. We are happy to work on Saturday and Sunday if this suits you best. In fact, the end of the school and working week is often the ideal time to make the move. It also suits business owners who need to relocate their office as there is less disruption to business over the weekend.

Special packing service per item

Our trained staff have a lot of experience in packing furniture and other goods into the truck so that it remains stable and safe on the journey, whether it is a long one or a short one. Our furniture removalist company offers special packing services for that expensive furniture and your favourite treasures to ensure they are not damaged on the trip. While we charge a small fee per item for this special packing service, we supply all the bubble wrap and whatever else we use. It is really worth it for your peace of mind to know that there will be no scratches or scrapes on your special furniture pieces. We are affordable, professional and local house movers Melbourne.

Whole house packing

We also offer a complete packing service for homeowners who cannot do the job themselves for whatever reason. You may be physically unable to bend and lift, or you may have to keep working right till the last moment. Or maybe you have small children underfoot all the time and find packing an impossible task. Having us come to do the packing will relieve you of the worry and burden of getting it all done on time.


  • Affordable rates
  • Save time and space
  • Cut your stress
  • We have been in this business for over than 8 years
  • All staff are constantly trained
  • All services are 100% guaranteed
  • We are fully insured

Cheap Removalists in Melbourne

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Quality trucks

Our trucks are well-serviced and ready to go at any moment. We can’t guarantee 100% surety of no breakdowns because there can always be an unexpected problem, but our trucks are dependable and rarely break down because we look after them. We know that you have deadlines to keep, so we always try to be on time for you. Part of this is servicing our trucks when needed so that they are reliable.

Our furniture removals company has a good reputation to keep up so we always work towards the goal of getting our customers furniture there on time and without damage. We will arrive at your place at the stipulated time to load your furniture, and will do everything within our power to deliver it on the time agreed to by us both.

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We do local home removals Melbourne wide

Budget Removalists in MelbourneTrust

For this reason we offer you house removals services to your destination that you know you can trust. Our friendly staff are easy to get on with and obliging in many ways to help you get packed and going as soon as possible.

We like you to discuss your needs with us ahead of time so we can be prepared and organised to offer you the service you deserve and expect.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind is an important part of anything in life, but never more so when you have to pull up roots and move to a new location.

You need to have people you can count on to make the task a lot easier.

You want to be sure that all your treasures arrive at that destination in time and in good order. We can do this for you.

Contact us

Contact us now to discuss your moving needs. Home removals need not be something to dread when you have someone you can count on to do the hard work for you and take care of your furniture. When you give us a call we will be happy to answer all your questions. Whether you are searching for cheap removals or whether you have to move right across the country, we are the removalists you can count on to get it right and help make that hard task much easier.

Need Help Moving Out of A House or Office?

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You’ve got this beautiful new house or office, but what about the moving? When you use our professional house movers in Melbourne, you will find us to be consistent, personalized, and thorough. Let us provide you with an estimate for your home by telling us some information about your move. Let us know if you need packing supplies and help packing your boxes.

Brilliance Removalists offers professional house moving services for the Melbourne, VIC area. We dedicate ourselves to providing expert staffing and service. Our aim is total customer satisfaction. Moving out and into a new place is stressful enough by itself. With all the boxes that need packed, furniture sold or moved, and other preparations that are required, the list of things to do becomes quite time-consuming. We can help you by managing your move while you focus on preparing your new home, apartment, or office. Let’s say you just had a baby and you are moving into a bigger home. When do you have time to pack?  Well, no worries. Our Melbourne house removalists can handle the job. We don’t just put your belongings into boxes, tape them up, and that’s it. We pack your thing with care and consideration. We are moving specialists who aid individuals and families as they transition into new and exciting parts of their lives. If you need costs for cheap removalists in Melbourne for a long-distance move across the country or a move across town, give us a call! If you are leasing an office, you have to leave the space in pristine condition. That’s a pretty tall order if you’ve been renting there for years. The natural course of daily living produces hundreds of problems including broken furniture and damaged flooring. All of this must be gone. You could get some employees to help, but then their work suffers. We at Brilliance know what you expect and will leave your place tidy and neat, fulfilling your lease requirements, and your job requests.

Moving is such a bother. The worst part is getting your belongings moved into your new place. So when the time comes to move, let Brilliance manage it all for you. We specialize in home and office moves, both short and long distances. We will pack your items in special packing, transport your things, then unload everything to your requirements, getting you settled into your new location. All packages include packing supplies, with the price based on the size of the box with tape and bubble wrap. Also included in every package is the cost of labor and moving services. Every move is fast and dependable, removing the anxiety and allowing you to concentrate on the future, rather than dealing with packing up the past. Our Melbourne home movers are honest, reliable, and professionally trained with years of experience in helping businesses and families move. Regardless how complicated or straightforward your move might be, we control everything from antique moving to moving your living room sectional with attention and care.

Why Pick Brilliance Removalists Melbourne?

There are numerous removalists companies in Melbourne to select from, but not all moving companies are created equal. We are the best because we manage to maintain affordable and competitive pricing while delivering consistent first-rate customer service. Moreover, we are the only home removalists in Melbourne to offer local customer service anytime needed. We communicate in ways that are easy for our busy customers, including text, email, and telephone. We also have a high Google Rating! Come check out our reviews section and see for yourself why we’re rated the best removalists in Melbourne.

Well, It’s Time To Get To Packing! CALL US ON  (03) 7018 0719

Let us remove the hassle of moving from your long list of things to do for the move. With us, you can chill a bit. Moving has been documented in scientific research as one of the most nerve-wracking events in our lives. Anyone who has gone through the moving process, or is currently going through it, can testify to this as truth! The staff of “Brilliance House Movers” consists of skilledMelbourne movers who quickly relocate all your belongings in one city or suburb. They know precisely how to transport your belongings from one point to another without difficulties, delays, and accidents. Our Melbourne home and office removal company handle every job meticulously. We consider every detail of your relocation plan, from organizing and packing to cargo handling at your new place.

We Can Pack and Move Your Office With A Quickness

 When you have the onerous responsibility of relocating your office and company, do you need to simplify it? Make the transition worry-free and quick, saving money and the productivity of your business. But who can protect your income and keep the workflow going? We can! Office removals entail stoppage of all business procedures. That is why it’s critical to make the office move efficient and fast. We appreciate your time and understand how to make each move a success.

How Do You Handle Furniture and IT Appliances?

Our movers take into consideration the fact that relocating your IT infrastructure is a hazardous operation. It consists of moving components of the IT system, printers, server equipment, faxes, scanners and other sensitive and fragile office items. We use a secure method of packaging, transporting, and unloading your office items. Brilliance removalists trucks are clean, moisture-proof, and equipped for keeping your things safe and intact. Our capable movers will help you prepare for your office move all the way through to unloading at your new location.


Life Is Short. Allow Us to Handle Your House or Office removal needs!

Our team is skilled and schooled in all things regarding both house and office removals. We have ten years in the business, and we’re insured. Are you expecting to move soon? Let our professionals handle the details. We look forward to assisting you in this most stressful and exciting time in your life.

House Movers Melbourne Wide. CALL US ON  (03) 7018 0719

Let Brilliance Removalists remove the time, cost, and frustration of finding dependable house removal services in Melbourne! We’ll make your move as simple as ever. It all starts with an estimate and a discussion of your specific needs. We take pride in our ability to provide affordable and efficient house removals. If you are relocating to a country manor or a new flat, our professionals are equipped and trained to manage your requirements. For ten years, we have earned positive online business reviews from many clients, and we can’t wait to provide you with the same satisfaction. Wherever and whenever you’re moving, Brilliance is ready to assist. All our clients have different needs which is why no two jobs for house removals in Melbourne are the same. Regardless of your situation, we offer a wide-range menu of moving services, which means we can customize the whole move to satisfy your schedule, budget, and requests. Our crew is committed to making your relocation as smooth as possible. If you are moving from a house or office, the amount of stuff you have accumulated over the years can be tremendous. Trying to go on with your daily schedule while packing for amove can become a bit much. That is what we have been doing for ten years, making house and office removals in Melbourne efficient and affordable.Contact Brilliance so we can get you on the right path to a stress-free relocation.   


With all the stress and hard work that goes with moving, probably the last thing you want to think about is packing. You might think that hiring professionals can break your budget. Here are some things to think about when considering whether or not you should use professional Melbourne home and office removalists.

What Should I Look For In A Melbourne Home and Office Removalist Company?

Moving your home or business in Melbourne is stressful enough without having to deal with second-rate house removalists who destroy your possessions. If you know what to look for in a moving company, you can save yourself headaches, time, and anxiety.

 Ask For References – Any honest Melbourne removal company should be able to give references of gratified customers. Do they show up on schedule? Did they move large items like pianos and furniture without any damage? Were the movers professional and courteous? These are all concerns you want to address before picking a Melbourne moving company.

 Fully-Equipped Moving Trucks – Plenty of movers use freight trucks built for transporting goods stacked on pallets and not for transporting household goods. Freight trucks don’t have the internal security devices and suspension systems necessary to soften the ride and ensure your possessions make it to their new address intact. Also, freight trucks don’t have a suspension system that allows the moving compartment of the truck to lower close to street level, which makes a huge difference when you are making hundreds of trips up and down the ramp. Lastly, make sure your removal company has the right moving equipment to keep your possessions safe, which means an ample amount of large furniture pads and specialized equipment to transport pianos, appliances, and other oversize furnishings. Take a look at our moving trucks!

 Adequately Trained Movers – Make sure the house removal company you pick has a training program to school their home and office movers on how to lift and move all your furnishings. Also, the movers need instructions on how to use any specialized moving equipment on the trucks properly.


What Should I Do With Large Pictures Or Mirrors?

Our office and house movers take care of wrapping and moving these items.


Do You Pad Wrap The Furniture In The Office or Home?

Yes, our movers will wrap your furniture before putting it on the truck.


Do You Place Items Where We Want Them?

We will place your belongings in the room you choose. All boxes should be labeled appropriately.


Is Your Company Currently Licensed? Does Your Company Have Workers’ Compensation on Its Employees?

It is critical to be sure you choose a professional house and office removalist business that is appropriately licensed. Equally as crucial is workers’ compensation. If a worker is hurt on your property, you’re responsible for medical bills and liability if the company doesn’t have insurance. Always, always ask about licensing and insurance. Lucky for you, Brilliance carries both!

Reach out to us at Brilliance if you’re planning to move! CALL US ON  (03) 7018 0719

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