Interstate Removalists MelbourneInterstate Removalists Melbourne: Brilliance Removalists can help you with all interstate removals to and from Melbourne. Talk to us today about interstate removals.

Not all furniture removalists in Melbourne offer interstate house moving.

Many prefer to stay within the city, or travel to places they can reach in a day. However, many people need to move interstate for whatever reason, so if that is you, we can help.

One of our fleet of 6 to 10 tonne trucks is ready to take you to any state in Australia – so long as you book well ahead to ensure your moving date has not been claimed by anyone else.

How hard is it to move interstate?

We have been in business for the last decade, so have had plenty of experience in taking people’s furniture and other treasure safely across this great land. If you are wondering just how hard it is to move interstate, we would say no more difficult than moving across Melbourne; it just takes longer, that’s all. All the other components such as strong boxes with lids and careful packing of goods have to be the same if you want to ensure your furniture and goods arrive in good condition.

The only difference may be the state of the roads and that will depend on your new location. If the roads are not sealed then you can expect a lot more bumping about as the truck goes over potholes or corrugations in the road. However, if your goods have been properly packed this should not be a problem.

We have the expertise to keep your goods safe

Interstate Movers AustraliaIf you require interstate house removal from Melbourne, we are the ones to contact because of our experience with long distance travel. We can even come and pack your goods for you, or we can just wrap and pack a few special treasures on the day if that is all you require. The latter is done on a per item basis and we will provide all that is needed to see them safely wrapped and packed.

Working with you

Interstate house removal does require a greater degree of organisation and efficiency to ensure that we arrive on the date you need rather than before you get there or after. Given that you may be flying, we will need to discuss these details with you when you book our truck. However, we don’t expect that this will be a difficult thing to work out. We’ve had plenty of experience and are used to working out dates and times for successful across country furniture removals from Melbourne.

Why you need to book early

It is important to book early when moving interstate; that way you can be sure of getting the right truck for the job and getting it on the date you need. Contact us to discuss your needs as soon as possible.