If you live in Melbourne and are planning to move house or office relocation, you will already know that there is a list as long as your arm of things that you need to organise. Near the top of that list should be packing boxes along with other packing materials that are needed, and at Brilliance Removalists Melbourne, we have multiple solutions for the packing and protection of your possessions.

The reason that the packing boxes and other packing materials are so important is that they are often all that stands between your possessions arriving at your new home or office intact and complete, and them arriving in pieces. Placing items in sub-standard boxes means there a serious risk the box will fail, everything spills out, and as they hit the ground, they break or smash.

This can be upsetting with regards to any item which gets broken, but when they are valuable the loss is significant, and with personal items of sentimental value, the cost is measured in more than dollars.

High Quality Packing Materials

That is why it makes perfect sense to use the high-quality packing materials and boxes which Brilliance Removalists Melbourne will supply you, as it takes away all the worry and the stress that any of your belongings, most treasured items, or expensive equipment might not make it to your new home or office undamaged.

As well as the strength of the packing boxes which we have, your belongings are protected by many of the other packing materials which Brilliance Removalists Melbourne supply. These include:

Bubble Wrap – The perfect solution for wrapping just about any item to protect it from breakage, scratching, or other damage during your house move or office relocation.

Butchers Paper – Used for wrapping the most delicate items such as glassware and porcelain, and unlike newspaper, it will not transfer ink onto the wrapped items.

Packing Tape – Having strong and reliable packing tape is essential for ensuring all the wrapping and packaging is held in place properly, and even more important, that all your packing boxes remain securely closed.

Multiple Packing Box Sizes

As well as having a variety of quality packing materials, Brilliance Removalists Melbourne also has a large array of packing box types and sizes to suit the many different sized items and possessions which are being transported.

Having a variety of packing box sizes ensures that items are not forced into boxes that are too small for them with the risk that they are not completely protected as the box might not close properly. Nor will small items be placed in oversized boxes and as such move about excessively en route, which can also cause damage.

A Variety Of Packing Box Types

In terms of packing box types we use mainly cardboard boxes which can also come in various shapes and dimensions to suit the items they will be holding. These are strengthened to ensure that they offer maximum protection and durability.

We can also provide you with larger, and even more robust packing box options, such as plastic tote boxes which are ideal for packing electronic equipment, or items that are especially susceptible to damage, and would benefit from the additional protection these boxes provide.

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“Very happy with the service from this company. Moved a full household load of furniture and personal items to Burwood. Everything was packed perfectly and delivered to our place without any damaged . Very friendly service particularly from Veni. Would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone looking for a trouble and worry free move.”

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