Things to Do Before You Move

More Things to Do Before You Move

While there are hundreds of things to do before you move, packing takes up at least 50 of them. But before you can do any of the packing, you must go through all your stuff and decide what you don’t want to pack. These are things that are now of no use to you for one reason or another.

It could be simply clothes or toys the kids have grown out of or sporting equipment you no longer use. Or maybe you are moving to a hotter climate from a cold one and won’t need those warm jumpers or doonas any more.

How to get rid of surplus goods

While it is possible to have a garage sale, this takes time to arrange and you have to be there for a whole weekend to put stuff out, sell it and pack up what didn’t sell. It may be easier to sell unwanted goods on places like Gumtree or eBay, especially if you have an iPhone and can do it on the run. If you choose this route, start at least three weeks ahead of your moving date as things don’t always sell quickly.

Keep the prices reasonable. Some people have an overrated idea of the value of their things, which stems from the fact that they used to love them. Other people are not emotionally involved yet and won’t want to pay too much. They shop at such places to get a bargain.