How Far in Advance Should I Book a Removalist in Melbourne?

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Removalist?

Moving homes is a multi-faceted process that involves a whirlwind of decisions, tasks, and timelines. It's like conducting a symphony where every instrument has its role to play. The violins of packing, the cellos of paperwork, and the trumpets of property handover—all must be perfectly tuned. But at the helm of it all is the conductor: your chosen removalist company. The question now arises—how far in advance should you engage this conductor for your move in Melbourne?

The Early Bird Gets the Worm, but How Early?

The general wisdom is—the earlier, the better. But let's add some nuance to that.

The Busy Season Factor

During certain periods, like summer and the end of the financial year, removalists are swamped with bookings. If your move coincides with these times, booking at least 8 weeks in advance is not just smart—it’s crucial.

A Tale of Two Moves

Consider James, who moved last December, right in the thick of the holiday season. He reached out to removalists 3 weeks before his moving date, only to find they were all booked. Desperate, he had to settle for a less-reputable, uninsured company and ended up regretting it when some of his valuables were damaged in transit.

Now, consider Sarah, who had also planned to move during the busy season. She had read James' unfortunate Yelp review and decided to book her removalist 10 weeks in advance. She was able to secure her first-choice removalist—Brilliance Removalists Melbourne—and her move was as smooth as silk.

Complexity and Size of the Move

If your move involves specialized items like pianos or fine art, or if you’re moving a 4-bedroom home rather than a studio apartment, more preparation time is needed. In such cases, a 6-week advance booking is advisable.

Spontaneous Moves

Life doesn’t always give us ample time to prepare. If you have to move suddenly for a job or family reasons, you might not have the luxury of advance planning. Reputable companies like Brilliance Removalists Melbourne sometimes have last-minute slots, but the options could be limited.