7 Ways To Minimise Downtime When Your Business Moves To A New Location

7 Ways To Minimise Downtime When Your Business Moves To A New Location

One of the questions removalists get asked a lot by businesses whenever they are hired for an office relocation is, "How do we minimize downtime?". This is an understandable concern for a company given that its entire office staff and facilities will be moving, and whilst that is occurring, its operations will inevitably be disrupted.

The answers given by removalists will differ depending on the type of business involved, the specifics of the move, the distance between locations, and the types of equipment being moved. However, some general principles should be followed and from them, here are seven ways businesses can minimize downtime when moving their office's location.                   

Start Planning As Soon As Possible

To minimize downtime, you should start planning for your office relocation immediately after the decision to move has been made, even if you have not yet chosen the new location. The earlier you start planning and making contingencies, the greater the chance there is a smooth and uneventful move that will go a long way to reducing downtime.

Employ Professional Removalists

After the new location has been agreed upon, start looking for removalists as early as possible. Checking their credentials, such as reviews, will point you in the right direction towards a professional, reliable office removalist company. Once you hire them, they can offer much advice to make the move easier. Downtime is minimized by choosing the optimal time and date and having the removalist pack as much as possible rather than staff.

Plan And Coordinate A Downtime Mitigation Strategy

This additional planning will be beneficial as it focuses specifically on how you can reduce and mitigate any downtime. Start by discussing this with your removalists, plus you should also confer with those who work within your business for their ideas and suggestions. Any outside agencies affecting the downtime should also be consulted as part of this planning.