7 Health And Safety Matters Removalists Must Prioritise

7 Health And Safety Matters Removalists Must Prioritise

For those responsible for running removalists, many tasks must be completed. In addition to keeping their clients happy by ensuring that the removalist services they provide are of the highest order, they also have obligations towards their employees. A large part of those obligations will relate to health and safety, and under that umbrella, the health and safety of clients will also be found.

When you consider the number of ways in which employees and clients could be at risk of injury, or worse, should something as part of a house move or office relocation go wrong, it should come as no surprise that removalist companies must take health and safety extremely seriously. Here are seven significant health and safety matters removalists must prioritise as part of their operations.

Health And Safety Policy

For removalists to comply with their legal obligations and meet or even exceed many of the industry's standards, they must have a health and safety policy. Health and safety policies will cover matters such as the responsibilities of the company management and employees and the company's procedures related to health and safety matters.

Health And Safety Training For Staff

A huge priority for removalists is to ensure that the staff working for them have been given adequate training relating to all aspects of their work, especially training that focuses on working safely. This will start from the beginning via their induction training and should proceed to cover other matters such as safe lifting techniques and safe use of any equipment used during a house move or office relocation.

Proper And Safe Equipment

Removalists use many types of equipment, including hydraulic trollies, packing materials, boxes, cartons, and straps. For these and any other equipment that might be used as part of a move, the removalist company must ensure that they are of a sufficient standard, checked as required, and used correctly. Training staff to use the equipment properly also falls within this.