What To Pack First When Moving Office

What To Pack First When Moving Office

When moving, you do not wish to shut down operations altogether. You want services to be running as long as possible. The order in which you pack and how you pack determines how long you can keep operations running when you are on the move.

Below is the order in which you should pack when moving offices:

Remove the wall decor.
Wall decors are essential because they give life to the room, adding warmth and making it more appealing. They also tell a story about your company and what it represents. They include paintings, pictures, wall clocks, awards, and posters. You could request the office relocation staff to be extra careful, especially if the décor is expensive or you emotionally attach to some items.

Organize the files and books.
Although most files are stored in computers, manual files are used primarily for record-keeping. Organize all the files and books and pack them in a box. Do not forget to label the boxes to make unpacking easy and save time.

Pack the desk content.
The next thing is the desk content. These could be personal items like family or spouse pictures, flower vases, or your 'stress' candy, among other items. Packing your desk content can be an emotional process. It will probably remind you of when you first started working and all the memories. Take your time and put all this in a box. Don't forget to state if the package is fragile.

Move your computer and other gadgets.
Computers are among the last things to park. Ensure that all the data is backed up in case of anything. You do not want to lose data that could be very important and sensitive. After that, you can shut down everything, let the mover wrap, and safely put them away.