Interstate RemovalsYour 10-Step Checklist For Moving Interstate

There are countless examples of people travelling across the country for a holiday and loving that holiday destination so much that they decide to move there, meaning that rather than needing a travel agent the next time they travel there, they require the help of their local removalists.

Removalists are not just experts in helping people move from one part of a city to another, but they also assist clients moving home to another state within Australia or internationally when they decide to live in another country. Often the reasons for driving such distances relate to employment or business.

However, as we have mentioned, it could also be that the person and their family have decided to make a destination their permanent home rather than somewhere they go on holiday once a year.

Moving such a long distance is more involved than simply moving a few blocks away. However, it need not be any more stressful, especially if the move is planned correctly and experienced removalists are hired to help with the entire moving process.

To help make it even easier, we strongly suggest using a checklist to ensure that everything that needs to be done is done. Here is a 10-step list for moving interstate ideal for this purpose.

Start Planning Immediately: As soon as you decide to move interstate, start planning your move. Even if it could be a year away, the sooner you begin planning and arranging the action, the easier it will be.

Establish Your Budget: Moving interstate costs, you must establish your budget so that everything necessary can be paid for. The list includes removalists’ fees, new furniture, new appliances, your family’s travel arrangements, and settling local bills, which you must pay before leaving.

Hire Interstate Removalists: One of the most critical tasks is to hire removalists. For this, research locally and select one with a proven track record of successfully helping families move long distances to another part of the country.

Create An Inventory Of Everything You Will Be Taking: Having assessed all your current belongings, including furniture and appliances, make a comprehensive list of everything you wish to take. This helps ensure everything is accounted for at your new home.

Declutter By Getting Rid Of Unwanted Items: Now that you know what you wish to take with you, you know what you need to get rid of. To do so, either sell them, give them away, donate to local charities, or arrange for their safe disposal.

Make Arrangements To Switch To New Utility/Service Companies: Next, you want to contact all your current utility and service companies, including your banks, and advise them of your move. Also, arrange for new utilities at your new home, including broadband,  so they live upon your arrival.

Register With New Medical Centres: Another essential task on your checklist is to arrange for your family to be registered with a new doctor where you are moving to. Also, register with a dentist or an optician, and remember to register with a new vet for your pets if you have any.

Enrol Children In New Schools: It is only applicable for those with children, but it is obviously essential for them. Research potential schools and then enrol in one most suited to each child’s educational needs.

Make Your Travel Arrangements: The removalists make the arrangements to get your belongings to your new home, but here you need to arrange for your family to travel too. Whether you go by road, rail, or air, put this as early as possible.

Redirect Your Mail: Lastly, redirect your mail from your current address to your new address. This ensures any important letters from individuals or companies that are not aware of your new address are received by you.