12 Tips to Take the Stress Out of Moving

Moving can be really stressful, even if you have done it before.

But for those who have never moved, or for whom it has been a long time, having to pack up everything and do all those other essentials before moving day can seem like a nightmare. However, the following tips can cut down the stress and help you move your goods in an efficient and organised way.

  • Pack your essential in an overnight bag to keep with you so you don’t have to search all those boxes when you arrive at your new home. It’s likely to be late and you’ll be tired.
  • If you own a laptop or tablet, keep that with you as well for safety.

  • Pack breakables in clothing to save on bubble-wrap. It will also save you having to pack the clothing in other boxes. But don’t use clothing you will want to wear soon, in case there is a delay in unpacking. Out of season clothing is best. Clean socks are great for glasses.
  • While most things will be packed in cardboard boxes, use a clear bin for those things that you will need first. Being in a different looking container will help it to stand out from all the others and it will be easier to find.
  • Label your boxes by room or by cupboard rather than writing the contents on the box. Unpacking by room also makes the task more manageable.
  • Pack plates vertically to help prevent breakage but pad the bottom of the box with a sheet first and make sure that there is padding between the plates.
  • Moving dressers or cupboards can make the drawers slide open. Seal them with Press ‘N Seal. That way you can leave the contents in them and save boxes.
  • Place the fittings from those things that have to be taken apart in a clip lock bag and stick it to the item it belongs to so it doesn’t get lost. Write what it is on the bag in case it comes off.
  • Snap a picture of your electronics with your cell phone or digital camera before you pull them apart so you can work out how they go back together more easily.
  • Pack lighter things and non-breakables in containers like the laundry hamper, bin, spare luggage and so on to save boxes.
  • Light clothing can be left on hangers in the wardrobe, but group them together in about tens, tying them together just below the rail and then tie them to the rail with the same string.
  • If you want to pack them instead, use a garment bag and pull it up over several items while they are still hanging up.

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