Top Tips to Make Smooth Moving in the Wet Weather

Cheap Removalist for Melbourne suburbsIt’s not always easy to get a mover to do the right things when the weather is poor. There can be some mess involved if the weather is wet. Thankfully though, you can actually prevent this chaos by doing some things beforehand to make the move smoother.





Weather Proof Your Boxes


 If you are moving in wet weather, you probably don’t want soggy boxes. That’s why if you want to move in this season, the best thing to do is use plastic boxes instead of cardboard ones. This may require asking friends to borrow their Rubbermaid boxes or any like boxes. You can use packing tape to secure the lids. This will ensure that your heavier items don’t get put down in a puddle and then start to leak out of the soggy box. If you do not have money for plastic boxes, you can always put a layer of packing tape or duct tape on the bottom of the boxes. This will also serve to be a protective barrier just in case the bottom of the box gets a little wet.


Bring Plastic Sheets


 Plastic sheets are not just good for painting. You can also get the furniture removalists Melbourne to put the boxes down on the plastic sheets that you will lay out in your new destination. This, of course, will prevent the water you bring into the house, either from shoes or boxes, from getting on your new flooring. The flooring is either hardwood or carpet, and you will likely not want to wreck it by bringing in water that will seep into it. Carpets will get stained and even laminate flooring will begin to ripple a bit.

Make sure that you buy those booties for the movers to put on when they enter the home. This will also prevent tracking of mud.

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