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Tips on How to Pack Antiques before House Move

We hold antiques close to our hearts either because of their aesthetic appeal or sentimental value. When moving, if you are not careful, they may end up breaking, getting scratched or even lost. You do not want that. Fortunately, there are various things you can do to avoid this, the most important being properly packing them. 

How do you Pack Antiques?

Below are crucial steps involved when packing antiques:


Step 1: Recording

Take a record of the number and type of antiques you have got. This is especially important if you’ve got quite a number. Additionally, you could take their pictures before packing. Recording them will help you adequately plan for how to pack and move them.


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Step 2: Finding wraps 

Normal wraps used for other items when moving may not work with most antiques. For each antique (especially the delicate ones) it is advisable to have three types of protective layers. The first is in direct contact with the antique and should be suitable for its particular material. i.e 

l Glass and wood- Stretch wrap/foam wrap

l Wood- Clothing

l Artwork, antique books, and fabrics- Acid-free tissue paper

l Framed artwork- boxes

l Mirrors and corners of framed artwork- cardboard corner protectors


The second layer should be made of a material that can act as a shock absorber when moving. Blankets and foam work perfectly fine. The last layer should be of a tough material e.g a wooden crate; just in case anything is placed on them, the antiques will be safe.


Step 3: Actual Packing

It is advisable to first start with smaller antiques then move on to larger ones. While moving, keep smaller and valuable antiques closer such as jewelry for safety. The rest you can clearly label with the word ‘Fragile’ so as to inform whoever will be handling them. For extra-large antiques such as furniture that can be disassembled, please ensure to do so.


After packing is done, keep a close eye on the antiques and ensure they are carefully handled when being transported. Once you arrive at your new home, inspect to see if any got damaged or tampered with. If they did, and you have insurance for them, seek compensation depending on the terms and conditions of your cover.


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