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The Art Of Moving

Moving is hard, especially when children and pets are added into the mix. But how long does it take to pack up a house and move? Well, there are a lot of factors that go into this question. For example, if one person is moving out of a small apartment, they could have their stuff packed up in about a week, possibly less depending on how much stuff the person owns. Moving out of an apartment is easier than moving out of a house. Apartments are much smaller than houses and can, therefore, be packed up much quicker.


If you live in a four-bedroom house and you have kids, it could take up to two months to have everything packed up, especially if the kids are not able to pack their own stuff. If you work a full-time job or have to stay late often, can also extend the time it may take to pack up a house. How big the house is also another major factor when it comes to how long it can take to pack up a house. Smaller houses tend to mean less stuff; however, this is not always the case. If you have someone to help you pack, such as a spouse or older children, a good starting point would be four to six weeks before the move.

In short, there is no exact answer as to how long it can take to pack up and move. As we discussed, there are a lot of factors that affect how long it takes to pack up. If you’re looking to speed up the house packing process, try using a professional moving business or asking family and friends for help. Also, give yourself more time than you may think you need. It is easy to underestimate how long packing will really take.

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