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How to Pack for a Move

Many people always associate moving with challenges such as packing, adapting to a new environment, costs, and other factors. However, you can learn some moving tips and improve your experience. Learning how to pack for a move is one of the ways of reducing damages and moving costs. Here are a few packing tricks.



Consider getting all moving supplies

When moving, you will require boxes, scissors, tapes, wrappings, labels, markers, bundles of wrapping newspapers, and many other items. All these items are essential when moving to a new house. They enhance safety and ensure your moving process is convenient. Some of the things like stickers and markers ensure you can label the packages and avoid confusion.

Wrap your items

It is advisable for you to start parking before your moving date. It gives you ample time for packing. Consider packing things that you do not frequently use first. You can also incorporate other tips such as having pairs and similar items on the same boxes.



Before stuffing your items in a box, you will have to wrap them for safety. Some of the pieces of equipment are prone to scratches and breakages. Thus, you have to cover a bubble pack or unprinted newspaper around them.



Before placing your items in a box, consider padding the bottom of the carton for safety. Start with heavy materials first and put light ones later. However, do not overload the container to avoid accidents. Consider filling any gaps or space with wadded paper before finally sealing the box with duct tape.




It is advisable to label your cartons. Use markers, stickers, and labels on your boxes. You can use rooms as a way of identifying your items. Indicate the content of the cartons too. Such efforts will avert confusion. Do not forget to mark fragile items so that the removal company can handle them with care.

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