How to make house moving more Eco-Friendly in Melbourne

You don’t have to get stressed when moving home in Melbourne especially if your target is doing it in an environmentally friendly manner. There is so much you can put in place, purchase and or replace to ensure you move stress-free while still preserving the environment.

Change your cleaning products

Get eco-friendly cleaning products like detergent, scrub, and other substances from the grocers. Do away with the toxic cleaning detergents by replacing them with a few natural ones like bicarbonate of soda, lemon, and vinegar. They work equally well but are environmentally friendly.

Your lighting should be energy efficient

As you move into a new home, consider using energy-saving light bulbs like fluorescent tubes and diodes that emit light. In fact, if you can use other energy sources like solar, biogas and the likes, it will be great pocket wise and safer to the environment. In as much as installation and the initial purchase may be costly, the maintenance is worth it. Durability is something to be sure of.

Waste disposal should be done properly

Moving houses is an excellent time to declutter and dispose of appliances and other items that you do not need. For instance, old paint, lighting fixtures, old batteries, glasses, crockery, and garden waste. Using garbage removal companies will be a great way.

Have meals prepared

Packing and unpacking time will be exhaustive and you might not have time to cook. Make meals to be eaten during this time before the main day and freeze. You will save greatly on takeaways and there will be no paper waste and junk tins that will litter the area.

Borrow moving boxes

If you do not have moving boxes, you can borrow from a friend, use then return so that they can use them when they have to. If you have your own, use them and store them well instead of dumping them in the bin. If you do not need the boxes anymore, you can give them out to be used by others who need them.

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