RemovalistsElderly Parents Move Home

An essential part of any home move is organising the removalists who will take your belongings from one home to another, however, if instead of yourself moving home, it is your elderly parents who are moving, there may be a lot more to sort out in order to help make the move go successfully.

Perhaps the first point in the whole process will be your parents telling you that they want to, or they need to move. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as the house they live in now is too large for them, given that all their family has grown up and moved out.

Other reasons could be that they wish to move closer to their family, they may wish to downsize and thus have lower household bills, or it could simply be that they want a fresh start in a new home, and regardless of age, we are surely all entitled to a fresh start when we wish one. If your fresh start is Melbourne to/from Sydney, check out, where we can organise an easy transition.

Once you have established that they wish to move home, the next step will be to help them find their new home. We could write a dozen articles on the subject of house hunting, but here are some of the key points to bear in mind, especially for seniors looking for a new home.

Obviously, you will need to assess their financial position, regardless of whether they are currently renting, or currently own their own home. Key to this is ensuring that they are able to afford any costs and bills they will be liable for when they move into their new home.

You should also ensure that any facilities and amenities they rely upon can be accessed where they are moving to. This may include health services, but in addition, if they enjoy certain hobbies or pastimes, check that they exist near to any area they are moving to if your parents have indicated they wish to continue them.

Given their age, it might also be prudent to check out any neighbourhood they might consider moving to with regards to crime statistics, and whether it is an area deemed safe for elderly people.

When it comes to the logistics of moving, it is highly advisable that you use a removalist company who can offer you an outsourced packing service. Apart from saving you and your parents from having to decide which packing materials to use, the removalists will supply, not only the most appropriate but also, the best quality packing materials too.

Beyond that, the removalists will also do all the packing for your parents which is something they should not be expected to do, given how strenuous it can be. On the subject of packing it also presents an ideal opportunity for your elderly parents to declutter and get rid of items that they no longer need.

With regards to the actual move itself, one thing to consider is splitting it over multiple days rather than putting your elderly parents through the stress of moving house on a single day. This way there is not as much rush, and they have a chance to rest between each moving day.

If your parents are elderly, ideally you should leave everything to the removalists, and have your parents do as little as possible. Obviously, they will want to unpack at their new home, and if the packing was done by the removalists, everything will be labelled properly, and each box placed in the appropriate room to make it easier for them.