10 Essential Steps For A Stress-Free House Move

10 Essential Steps For A Stress-Free House Move

Even if you have hired the best removalists to help you with your home move, it can still be a stressful experience. One reason for this is that moving furniture is not something we do every day, so, for most people, it is something that takes them out of their comfort zone given the many unknowns.

It might help you to know that 99.99% of all home moves go ahead and complete without any major hitches, so the statistics are certainly on your side. However, we are sure there are many doubts in your mind if you are moving home soon, so here are ten proven steps that can help remove much of the stress.

Create A Moving Schedule

Good planning is essential for a stress-free and successful house move, and a core element of that planning, as it is with many projects, is to create a schedule. Even months out from your move, you can set a timeline to ensure everyone, including yourself, knows what is happening and when.

Create A Checklist

Continuing with the good planning theme, the next step is to create a checklist. We suggest you sit down, preferably with those who live with you, and brainstorm everything you can think of that needs to be done as part of your move. Then, tidy up your checklist by organising each item into a category, and delegating it to whoever is to action it.

Establish Your Budget

We are still planning, and this time it is your moving budget. This will include moving expenses such as your removalists, packing materials, and storage if necessary. Also, think of ad hoc expenditures such as take-away meals on the day you are moving, and purchases for your new home such as new curtains, for example.