Time Factors To Consider When Deciding When To Move Home

Time Factors To Consider When Deciding When To Move Home

One point that should be more obvious than it is is that people move home almost every day of the year, which means removalists very rarely have time to put their feet up and relax for a day or two, let alone a whole week. Many factors will influence when someone moves home, and it will often be the case that matters beyond their control dictate the timing.

For example, the timing of a job relocation and the necessary home move may be down to the employer's choosing. The time it takes the bank to agree on a mortgage is another. Or it could be the landlord whose apartment you will rent wishes to refurbish, delaying the date for moving in. Add to these any one of hundreds of other matters that could influence when a home move takes place.

Of course, the timing of your home move may be entirely in your hands, so you can choose the date that suits you. However, that date should not be arrived at by throwing a dart at a wall calendar. Matters such as hiring removalists and their availability will be one to cover, and there are other timing factors that you should consider, such as those we have highlighted below.

Moving In The Summer

Most people, if asked when they believe the best time of year to move home is, will likely say during the summer months, and in most cases, that is true. There are many advantages to moving furniture in summer, the most obvious being that the days are longer and therefore you have daylight from early morning to late at night, making any home move easier.

Summer is also more likely to have suitable weather for a home move, and although it might mean having plenty of cold drinks on hand for your removalists, the fact that you are not competing with wind and rain makes a huge difference. One point to note is that summer is the peak season for removalists, so the fees tend to be higher than at other times.