Get Your Bond Back When Moving

How to Get Your Bond Back When Moving have to move for many reasons and often move out of and into a rental home rather than their own. One of the main costs of a move is the bond. You cannot move into a new rental without paying a bond – and if your present rental is not left in spick and span condition, you won’t get back the bond you had to pay before moving in.

When it comes to the bond, it’s a good idea to look ahead. This will to some extent ensure that you will get the bond back when you leave. How? Not all rental homes are in a pristine condition before you move in.

They may have:-

  • Stains on the walls or carpets
  • Broken fittings
  • Lights that don’t work
  • Dripping taps or cistern
  • Scratches on the flooring
  • Cracked windows or torn flyscreens
  • Loose towel rails or curtain fittings
  • Ovens that don’t work
  • Cracks in the walls
  • Broken tiles or pathways

If you move in and take no notice of such things, when you move out you will get the blame for them and lose your bond. So what can you do?